Skiservice Center


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Skiservice Center

Hauptstrasse 15

9658 Wildhaus

Tel.+41 (0)71 999 1589


Guideline prices in CHF

Including 10% theft and breakage risk, including VAT.
Poles are included in the ski/nordic ski rental.

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Ski Pro4888117143165184201217231245259272286300
Ski Top386989109125139152163174184194205215225
Ski Junior (up to 15 years)2341536575839198104110116123129135
Ski Kid (up to 9 years)1528364450566165707478828690
Ski Boots Pro254561748594102110117124130137144151
Ski Boots Top2034465664717883899499104109115
Ski Boots Junior (up to 15 years)1524323945505558626669737681
Ski Boots Kid (up to 9 years)1017232832363942454750525558
Snowboard Pro4888117143165184201217231245259272286300
Snowboard Top386989109125139152163174184194205215225
Snowboard Junior (up to 15 years)2341536575839198104110116123129135
Snowboard Kid (up to 9 years)1528364450566165707478828690
Snowboard Boots Pro254561748594102110117124130137144151
Snowboard Boots Top2034465664717883899499104109115
Snowboard Boots Junior (up to 15 years)1524323945505558626669737681
Snowboard Boots Kid (up to 9 years)1017232832363942454750525558
Cross Country Ski Top Skating254561748594102110117124130137144151
Cross Country Ski Top Classic254561748594102110117124130137144151
Cross Country Ski Junior Skating (up to 15 years)183243526066717782879196101106
Cross Country Ski Junior Classic (up to 15 Years)183243526066717782879196101106
Cross Country Ski Kid Skating (up to 9 Years)1527374451566166707478828691
Cross Country Ski Kid Classic (up to 9 Years)1527374451566166707478828691
Cross Country Boots Top2034465664717783899499104109115
Cross Country Boots Junior (up to 15 Years)1524323945505558626669737681
Cross Country Boots Kid (up to 9 Years)1017232832363942454750525558
LVS Set (LVS, shovel/probe)2032404550556065707580859095
Set Ski Top5293122149170189207221237250264278292306
Set Ski Junior (up to 15 years)35628199113126138148158167176185194204
Set Ski Kid (up to 9 years)2341546676849298105111117124130136