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swissrent-Challenges: The free, outdoor bike adventure with rewards!

The swissrent Challenge is a fun and exciting, interactive outdoor sports adventure. The aim of the Challenge is to ride the route and scan all the QR codes along the way. 20 'mountainmiles' are awarded for every scan, and additional 'miles' can be earned by connecting your 'my swissrent' account to Strava, using the new 'Connect to Strava' function in the swissrent App. Upon completing the Challenge, a badge will appear under your profile. Show this badge at your local swissrent #servicechampion and receive an on the spot giveaway!

Registration for the Challenge is free, either Online or in the swissrent App. Do you need to rent a bike for the Challenge? swissrent has got you covered by providing the latest in top-quality Mountainbikes and E-Mountainbikes. Are you up to the Challenge?

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