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swissrent-Challenges: All-inclusive outdoor adventure with rewards

Compete against yourself and win, win, win!
The aim of the swissrent Challenge is to scan all the QR codes along the route and in doing so complete the task successfully. Whether you tackle the challenge personally or in a group it's up to you. Also, you can decide whether or not you want to share your challenge time with other Challenge participants in a Strava segment.

Anyway. Were you able to collect the final challenge badge at the end of the route? As well as that feeling of accomplishment, other rewards await. For example, an ÖKK goodie bag or mileage credit as part of the popular swissrent Rewards-Program mountainmiles and entry to win prizes like equipment from TSG or overnight stays including rental equipment in Arosa and Davos.

Your own personal bike adventure starts by Registering for the swissrent Challenge.
No matter where from - thanks to the SBB travel package, you'll be up and running in no time.
Fun, sweat, pride and an unforgettable experience - you will experience all this at Dave Kilshaw's Calanda Challenge.
Whether an ÖKK goodie bag, mountainmiles miles credits or raffle prizes - the winner is you.

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